Little Ty Cooney and the Big Yosemite Race

There was a day
In the month of May
When the Yosemite animals raced.

El Capitan is where it began
And they all lined up before they ran
To make sure their shoes were laced!”

So begins Ty’s first adventure through Yosemite National Park!  No one gives this little raccoon a chance of winning, but he has trained long and hard.  Does he have a chance?

Hardcover with dust jacket.  Bonus drawing lesson.
8 ½ by 11 inches, 32 pages.

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Signed, with a hand-drawn picture $17.95 USD

Little Ty Cooney and the Big Yellowstone Mystery

“Adventure’s what they had in mind,
And Yellowstone was the place
They would go to celebrate
Ty’s victory in his race.”

Come along with Ty Cooney and his friend Stan as they discover the beauty and mystery of Yellowstone National Park.  What new friends will they make?

Hardcover with dust jacket.  Bonus drawing lesson.
8 ½ by 11 inches, 48 pages.

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Signed, with hand-drawn illustration by Steve Riley: $17.95 – Buy Now!

Little Ty Cooney and the Grand Canyon Tour Company

“Vamanos guys!,” said Ty,
“Look high, look low, let’s go!”
But when they reached the Canyon’s rim
All he could say was “Whoa!”

Next in the National Wonders Series, Ty visits The Grand Canyon, where he meets a giant Condor.  When one of Ty’s friends gets into trouble, will Ty and the Condor be able to save him?

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Signed with a hand-drawn illustration:
$17.99-Order Now!

Ty Cooney Plush Toy

Ty Cooney stuffed animal

For a limited time we are offering the Ty Cooney Plush Toy.  It is 10 inches tall and perfect for any child who likes stuffed animals and has one of Ty’s books.  The doll sells for $12.95 and there is a limited number – so order yours while supplies last.  Contact me at, and you can order your doll today!