The Grand Canyon

Sometimes life does not work out as planned. Did I say sometimes? Hardly ever. Our entire family had planned to go to Phoenix and The Grand Canyon. By “entire” I mean all four of us. However, the van had other plans. It blew up. Fortunately, we were already at my Mom’s house and not on the 101. We decided renting a car was the best plan, and I stayed behind to retrieve the car when it was fixed. There was enough room for our eight year old to go as well, but Savannah is going to have to wait to see one of the world’s biggest ditches. However, spending the week in Malibu with her cousin is a pretty fun thing.

Steve and Peyton went to The Grand Canyon today. Pretty cold and drizzly, but of course amazing. The main purpose was to show the book to some buyers. One of the comanies, Delaware North, will mostly likely take it. Who knows about the others.

Tomorrow is a big assembly day, with Steve at two Falgstaff schools,and another event in the evening. Let’s hope his voice holds out and we sell lots of books!


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