The Inevitable Crash-by Julie Riley

     It came for Steve last night, about two hours into arriving home.  I asked him to move an outdoor table from the front porch to the back.  He looked at me as if I had asked him to change the direction of the wind.  His whole being was overwhelmed.  I, however, was on an “I am so happy to be home” high.  I whirled around like a crazed fairy, multi-tasking, singing, and generally amazing our daughters.  I put Steve to bed-“Honey, go to bed.  I’ve got this. Really”-and moved the table myself.  It was 8:30 PM when I kissed Steve goodnight.  He slept until 8:30 this morning.  I, on the other hand, stayed up two more hours and redecorated our porch.  Just the kind of thing to do when you arrive home after being gone the entire month of May.

It was just that I felt so good to be home.  I wanted to organize everything in sight.  I put all the clothes away, organized the linen closet, (because it so needed it) and made my ten year old daughter  incredibly happy by changing the porch. She wants to be an interior designer when she grows up.  Either that or a Park Ranger who works with bears.  But more on that some other time.  Suffice it to say she was thrilled.  I kept having to calm her down.  The seven year old wasn’t that thrilled, but she wasn’t not thrilled.  She just wanted to jump rope, and as long as she wasn’t too loud we were both happy.

But then…today.  All the easy ability of last night went away.  All the responsibility arrived.  School for the girls-and for me as I homeschool.  Bills.  Email.  Pictures to post. Pictures Steve put somewhere in the slow computer that I can’t find. Computers that are too slow.  Phone calls to return.  Mail.  Vacuum.  The grocery store.  Errands.  Dinner.  Friends.  Life!

Vacations streamline life.  I love this.  I can’t do so much I am in the car.  There are no clothes to donate to Goodwill driving to Arizona. And somehow, the driving makes me feel invincible.  I have visions of greatness for my return.  I WILL have an organized pantry!  I WILL write blogs each morning!  I WILL work on my own creativity every day.  I WILL, but I don’t. 

What is the lesson in all this?  I put this blog away in the drafts folder, and it has now been almost a week since we got home.  A week!  I have got to forgive myself for not doing all that I thought I could and promised I would while driving in the car.  I have got to remember that relationships are more important than a to do list!  Life takes time.  Doing anything well takes an inordinate amount of time. And just because I haven’t done all I thought I could, doesn’t mean I won’t.  Eventually.  Maybe I need another road trip!


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