Art Lessons

For the lessons scroll down below this first video.  This first video link is not an art lesson, but it is some really cool footage I took in the Grand Canyon while I was there researching for my latest book, Little Ty Cooney and the Grand Canyon Tour Company.  

How to draw Ty Cooney Part 1

How to draw Ty Cooney Part 2

How to draw Jethro the Bear

Bear in Yosemite

How to draw Stan Squrrelli

How to draw nature

How to draw the “Face your Fear” poster


10 Responses to Art Lessons

  1. I’ve watched Steve from college drawing classes, to events, and now on his blog! This is great!

  2. Rob Riley says:

    This is the way coolest thing I’ve ever seen in all my days on this great planet, earth. You so totally rock!!

  3. hey thanks so much for comeing to Freedom Intermediate School today i enjoyed it soooo much!! and my friend anisah the one who you drew her as doing the splits and she was a cheerleader!! yea that was her she is my BBFFFFFFFFF and i would love to buy ur books!! i am a 6th grader there!!

  4. Billy Collins and Family says:

    your the man Steve !!! keep the lessons coming bro, we love it… keep up the super work dude…. prayers to you and your family

  5. denise says:

    OMG!!!!! u r so funny and a really good artist and Author and Illistration

  6. Chris McMillian says:

    Wow! A blast from the past! Great to see you in action old friend. You’re a good teacher and it’s great that you all are getting kids involved in reading. My wife and I have a nine year old bookworm.

  7. Pingback: KNTR Welcomes Author and Illustrator Steven Riley to Advisory Council : Kids Need To Read – Giving Children's Books to Libraries in Need

  8. misty adams says:

    you came to my daughters school Ocean Beach Elementary today….she LOVED IT!!!…thank you so much for being such an active participant in teaching and getting children INTERESTED in art…my daughter LOVES to draw!!

  9. Monica says:

    We had a blast today watching you. My 4 year old said “he did really good pictures.” Can’t wait to read the books! Thanks for the fun ;0)

  10. Joel Nydam says:

    Thank you for the wonderful presentations! We loved having you at Legacy Christian Academy today. The students absolutely loved you and Tycoony!

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