Post cards/new stuff

Book in progress cooperative effort with Dean Potter

All the Ty Cooney images are post cards, but I have added some other images that are just there for fun – they are the new stuff.  Three pictures of three different books that are in the making, but outside the Ty Cooney series.  ENJOY!

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2 Responses to Post cards/new stuff

  1. Dana Clark says:

    Looking forward to these! Have you considered a Facebook page? You can either have just a page, so you don’t have to interact, or a profile, which is interactive and folks can post. Exposure grows exponentially (sp??) Love you guys, Thank you again for the book! I read it aloud tonight & enjoyed it so much!! Dana

  2. Vince Reyes says:

    Your visit to our school was awesome. It brings the best out in our students to see an inspiring, talented, and gifted person such as yourself. Would like to hopefully someday see Ty visit Pt. Reyes National Seashore. ~ Vince (3rd grade teacher ~ Olmos Elementary)

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