New Books to arrive Wednesday!

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We are so close.  We have been done with our newest book, Little Ty Cooney and the Grand Canyon Tour Company, for over six weeks.  We just got word from the printer that we will receive five advance copies on Wednesday.  Not a moment too soon!  We are leaving Oakhurst on Thursday and won’t be home until December!  We really wanted the new books, not just because it’s exciting to have, but to show some book buyers on our journey.  Once we approve these books, the printers will bind the remaining copies and we should have them in early December.  Finally!

By the way, we will be in Phoenix on the 6th of November at a great event hosted by Kids Need to Read.  Log on the their website if you are going to be in the area.  It should be a lot of fun!  From there, we are hopping up to Flagstaff to visit friends.  Of course, we always try to work wherever we go, and when we are in Flagstaff, we will be visiting a few schools, and performing a special assembly for the homeschooling families of the area.  We are excited to go-except sometimes for Julie, my wife, who is thinking too much about the packing and not the going!


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